Grant Street Reach holds annual drives for people, families, and children in need. 
Below is what your donations help us accomplish. Thank you!

December 2022: 
This year we supplied the following entities with over a hundred bicycles, plus toys, clothes, and essential necessities:
  • Warren Village - supports famlies with single moms who would otherwise be out on the street.
  • Refugees residing in the Denver area.
  • Applewood Valley United Methodist Church who further dispersed items to those in need.
  • Golden Optimists - An organization that sells bikes at a nominal fee (only the cost of the parts needed for fixing up bikes), or gives them away free to those without.
  • Many individuals in desperate need of assistance. 
December 2021: 
We fixed up and gave away over 150 bikes, plus over 400 care packages and toys to people in need this year! 
December 2020:
We fixed up and gave away several hundreds bikes to a Title 1 (low-income students) school in the Denver area. 
December 2019:
Through the generous support of donors, we distributed gifts to 1,030 children (300 families)—including 70 bicycles.
Prior years:  
In our 29 years in existence "Street Reach" has, each and every year, collected, wrapped, and distributed hundreds of toys, clothing, books, and necessities to children ages 1 through 12 in the Denver Metro Area. Please donate to continue helping us in this long-standing effort by an all volunteer organization.